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I give you the sun

I got up early (for me) to run this morning.  I turned several lights on while I had my breakfast and coffee to help me wake up all the way, it was grey outside.  I got into my running clothes and left for the trail. 

(I run on the trail if I'm going five or more miles; it's prettier than running in town and I prefer not having to wait at stop lights or dodge cars.  There's also a sense of community at the trail - we're all there to walk or bike or run or rollerblade or something. It's a 15-20 minute drive to get there which feels a bit silly, but worth it.)

The trail is towards the ocean from where I live, so frequently the weather is slightly different there than at my apartment.  Today as I crested the hill about halfway there I looked out into a land of white and grey.  It wasn't exactly foggy, but the clouds were hanging low enough that they were caught in the tops of the trees, leaving no room for sky.

I got to the trail, parked, stretched a bit, and started on my run.  It stayed overcast and cool for most of it; I saw a pair of deer, a rabbit, several lizards, and a goodly number of very sweaty people.  When I turned around the clouds had lifted out of the trees, but were still holding on.  As I came back I saw first one small patch of blue, then another.  With a mile left I took my sunglasses off my hat and put them on, and by the time I finished the clouds were all at the horizon and the sky was stunningly blue.

When I arrived back home J was still in bed, which made the whole thing feel like a secret.

It was utterly perfect running weather, and it feels a little like I powered the clouds away and somehow have a piece of responsibility for this gorgeous, sunny day.
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