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knitting update, now with photos!
time is twisted
While I still have a long way to go to figure out how to best store and sort photos in my computer (and will gladly take any suggestions you may have), I have achieved getting photos from my camera to my computer.  It's surprisingly easy.

So, I thought I'd do a knitting update.  For those of you playing along at home here's the quick recap:  making a shawl, bought yarn years ago and it wasn't enough, found a purple and decided to add stripes / a block of color so I didn't have to frog everything already done.

I've finished the first panel - I need to make one more exactly like this and then sew them into an Escher-like circle thing which I'll explain with the visuals.

I'm putting the rest of this behind a cut because I'm not really certain how large these photos are going to be.

So here's what one panel looks like. (This is laid out on the bed on a green blanket, in case that is messing with anyone's color sense.)

1/2 shawl

To visualize where the second panel goes, imagine another piece just like this, rotated counter clock-wise 180 degrees with the all-pink-curly-starting edge attached all the way to the right along the top edge (so starting from just before the stripes to the purple end). Then the current all pink edge to the left of the photo attaches to the side of the second panel. Honestly, without looking at the diagram each time I have trouble figuring it out.

Here's a close up of the stripes:

stripe closeup

Because of the way the shawl goes together I'm not really sure how the stripe pattern is going to turn out, but this will be a wearable poncho by my birthday. (That was a declaration of intent.) I'm already one diamond into the second piece, but that leaves 12 to go, rehearsal will slow me down, and I'll have to pause to do some holiday knitting, so mid-January seems reasonable.

What do you think?

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(Deleted comment)
Thanks! I really like this purple, and the feel of that yarn in general so I may have to find more projects for it.

Even happier accident - pink and purple are my niece's favorite colors and I'll have enough left of both of these to make her a hat!

Gorgeous!! I'm so glad the stripes worked out! :D It's looking really great. :)

Thank you. I like the striping, I think it's less harsh then just a big block of color.

I think it's going to look fantastic when you get it all done. I'm looking forward to seeing more of it. :D

So pretty!!

*hides my "knitting" attempts in shame*

Thank you!

...and stop hiding anything. Remember that after doing six rows I hid this project in a closet for years before I picked it back up because I was scared of it.

Also, the darker purple yarn is hiding at least two counting mistakes, I got overly confident with the pattern.

The only "pattern" I even attempt so far is four stitches repeated over and over, the same on every line. Really, I can just barely call myself a "beginner knitter".

I'm currently making a scarf that's going to end up maybe 2-3 feet long, because I wanted to make something with the one ball of yarn I've spun myself. I made it too wide because the last one I did got longer and skinnier as I wore it, so I'm trying to plan ahead this time ;)

If it happened as you wore it it could be that it needs more blocking. Sometimes, depending on fiber content, items will need blocking further down the road.

I didn't block it. I've heard of blocking but until I read up on it recently, wasn't really sure how to do it or if it was necessary. I'll probably try to block this scarf to stretch it out once it's done, but I suspect the wearing and pulling and tying will be what will bring it to its eventual length. I have a bad habit of using too-big needles and too-loose stitches, because the knitting is easy and I like the look - but then of course it doesn't stay that way.

If you'd like some help with it I'm more than willing to help. I know it's a bit confusing sometimes with different directions for various fibers and all. I'm not an expert but I have had some practice blocking things.

Thank you! I know I'm working with wool (because I spun it!) so I don't want to get it soaked wet. Other than that I'm not sure where to start.

This is one of my favorite links for what's actually happening when you block. http://thechemgrrlchronicles.wordpress.com/2008/04/27/on-wool-and-blocking/

And this is one of the best tutorials I've found to walk someone through the blocking process. http://www.myzigzagstitch.com/2010/04/26/how-to-do-it-blocking-wool/

If you have to pin things out I've found that straight pins like used in sewing are fantastic. I throw down a comforter on the floor and pin through that and into the carpet. I have a dog but she's really good about not walking on the yarn all over the floor, other pets might not be.

That explanation is brilliant! And I'm so glad I read it, or the first time I tried to knit lace I'd have given up a few inches in, since I wanted lace not ramen noodles. Thank you so much!

You're very welcome! :D

I've found that often I have to just take a deep breath and follow the directions with lace. In the end, so far, it's always come out exactly as it was supposed to. :D

Feel free to add me on Ravelry if you're on there, ShadowWolf there too. :)

Thanks, I will! I'm ridikuluss over there.

Heh - that used to happen to my crocheting all the time. In my case stuff usually gets wider, I get used to the pattern and relax and my stitches get bigger. The afghan I made for my parents is a rhombus, not a rectangle.

Still, it's a design feature (just keep telling folks that).

Love it! Those stripes are incredible - I'm so impressed with that pattern.

Thank you! I'm lucky to have found two colors that match so well, I had originally been thinking I would get a lavender but the darker color is lovely.

The pattern is just A LOT of counting. I was intimidated by the chart, but once I made myself work through it once it got easier.

Something that I've found helps a lot is using stitch markers between each pattern repeat. I could see maybe one at each end to mark the border and then every other diamond section. Sometimes it's helpful, sometimes it's a bother.

Interestingly stitch markers were part of the failure the first time. The repeat is officially in the center of the diamond with all the open work, so the marker was supposed to rest in the middle of a knit 2 together or where a yarn over would go all the time. I finally figured out a system for myself that involves a lot of making small hash marks on paper (five repeats a pattern row) and just shifts the repeat spot to the edge of the diamond in that row, wherever it might be.

I guess it's a case of try, try again - when one counting method isn't your friend invent another one.

Ahhh that looks just gorgeous :D

Thank you so much. I figure worst case it's an awesome baby blanket right now and I could just stop.

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