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knitting update, now with photos!

While I still have a long way to go to figure out how to best store and sort photos in my computer (and will gladly take any suggestions you may have), I have achieved getting photos from my camera to my computer.  It's surprisingly easy.

So, I thought I'd do a knitting update.  For those of you playing along at home here's the quick recap:  making a shawl, bought yarn years ago and it wasn't enough, found a purple and decided to add stripes / a block of color so I didn't have to frog everything already done.

I've finished the first panel - I need to make one more exactly like this and then sew them into an Escher-like circle thing which I'll explain with the visuals.

I'm putting the rest of this behind a cut because I'm not really certain how large these photos are going to be.

So here's what one panel looks like. (This is laid out on the bed on a green blanket, in case that is messing with anyone's color sense.)

1/2 shawl

To visualize where the second panel goes, imagine another piece just like this, rotated counter clock-wise 180 degrees with the all-pink-curly-starting edge attached all the way to the right along the top edge (so starting from just before the stripes to the purple end). Then the current all pink edge to the left of the photo attaches to the side of the second panel. Honestly, without looking at the diagram each time I have trouble figuring it out.

Here's a close up of the stripes:

stripe closeup

Because of the way the shawl goes together I'm not really sure how the stripe pattern is going to turn out, but this will be a wearable poncho by my birthday. (That was a declaration of intent.) I'm already one diamond into the second piece, but that leaves 12 to go, rehearsal will slow me down, and I'll have to pause to do some holiday knitting, so mid-January seems reasonable.

What do you think?
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