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half marathon #8

No PR this time.  I finished the race this morning in 2:25:29. 

I was on a faster, still not PR, pace through the first 5-6 miles.  Then after the six mile mark the course went up.  For I think most of a mile.  Then just after the seven mile mark, we went down.  A lot.  Everything we went up but over less distance.  So my knees got cranky, and I decided to stop looking at my watch at all and just run.  I finished before the man who won the whole marathon, by about three minutes.

After the race I realized that I had no place to be - which makes a change from most of the races I've run this year where I've had to get going immediately to get to a rehearsal or show.  So after I got some food, I stood by the finish line and cheered folks as they came in for around 45 minutes.  That was awesome.  Watching folks be thrilled with times that were 30 minutes slower than mine puts everything back into perspective.  And watching the marathon runners finish is just fun, they're so pretty.
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