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J and I are heading out of town to spend a weekend with friends, drinking beer and playing board games.  I'm looking forward to the chance to be elsewhere and just relax.  When we get back I go straight to work, rehearsals start one week from today.  So if I seem to disappear for awhile, that is what's up.

Also, I have realized that ten years in CA has nearly wiped out my cold weather wardrobe, and I own all the wrong shoes.  When I heard it snowed in Denver this week I was super excited, but apparently it's mostly melted already.  Slush angels are not the same.

Enjoy your weekend and the holiday everyone!

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Have a great trip, lady! Have fun and enjoy yourself!!! We'll see you when you get back!

Slush angels... ewww!

Have a great time and good luck with the new show!

Thank you so much for the fuzzy spider, he looks so cute on my page!

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