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My insides were revolting.  The fun thing about that sentence is that it means two very distinct, if similar things.  The less fun thing about that sentence is that from Sat - yesterday either meaning was applicable to my life.  I got sick while I was on vacation which is just no good.

Saturday afternoon I was cranky enough that my boyfriend suggested a nap, which I took him up on.  When I woke up I had diarrhea, and an hour or so later I started throwing up.  I threw up five times that night, interspersed with continuing bathroom issues.  I swear by the time I went to bed I was empty.  Sunday I was still nauseous and didn't eat much, but no more throwing up, however the runs continued.  By Monday I was eating again, albeit carefully, still with the runs and my period with all of its lovely cramping started.  That pattern then continued for one more day.

I still don't know why I got sick.  The short time frame would seem to suggest food poisoning but literally everything I ate on Saturday someone else at the house also ate and no one else got sick.  The last spot of divergence is Friday night almost 24 hours before hand.  The muscle aches suggest flu, but if so it was short.  I was also: in altitude, pmsing, and had four beers Friday night which is more than usual.  Who knows?  In any case I would like to make my bid for this being my illness for the winter and now I'm done, thanks.

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