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start of rehearsals

Rehearsals start this afternoon for my next show.  I feel like I'm about to go into battle:  nearly everyone is behind (which always effects stg mgmt), I have a new assistant who has conflicts for the first week and a half, there are young kids in the show and a lot more of the responsibility for their schedules has been given to me, we got the script with the correct character assignments yesterday.  Right now, I'm anticipating the type of experience that makes you say - "wow, I never need to do that again".

But I'm there.  I've signed the contract, the only way out is through, stuff like that.  I know myself well enough to know that I could dissolve into a horribly unpleasant person throughout all this so I am setting three goals/rules for myself.

1) I'm bringing back 30 days of gratitude.  I open Dec 3 which is exactly 30 days away and making myself think at least one good thought every day seems needful.  I will be doing that here, not on any set schedule except once a day (defined as before I go to bed).  If I miss a few days please poke me. 

2) I get to complain to J (and maybe here) about one thing each day.  Even if 12 things go horribly wrong the idea is to not bring the full dozen home to spew all over my lovely boyfriend.  Hopefully this will also speed my letting go of the other 11 things.

3) (with thanks to something popfiend posted recently) Be the grown up.  Some incredibly stupid things have already happened, where it would be easy to get into a snitty fight, or pointedly point out the stupid, or flounce.  (Example, sending me an email asking me to send someone else an email.  Because the person wasn't sitting at their computer typing at that very moment, and also I wasn't the one with a question, they just disagreed with me?  Ok, breathing.)  But it's better if someone is the grown up, so I'm going to work very hard on being that person.

That's the plan.  I'm about to be back in front of a computer most of the day, though busy.  I'll have AIM on for those who know it, but it's usually buried behind several windows so please don't be offended if I don't see you pop up.


***Also between the illness and getting this thing ready to go I haven't read much of my flist for the last week.  I'm skimming along, but if I missed anything I absolutely need to know please point me at it.  And thanks in advance for being marvelous, attractive people.***
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