Rebecca (beeker121) wrote,

gratitude day 1

Today I am grateful for my brain. 

Wednesday I created the rehearsal schedule starting from today through November 15, which I have been referring to as the epic schedule of epicness. My PA asked me to explain how I got there so we chatted last night.  I told her about CA state child labor laws and the math of work vs school vs tutoring, when tutoring can happen, span of day, turnaround.  Then I told her about the AEA math: span of day vs total hours in the week, fitting rules, breaks, turnaround.  Next is all the stuff from other staff: musical director time requests, choreographer requests, dialect coach, the director (of course), fitting requests, and adult cast conflicts.  Once you have gathered all that information you combine, figure out how fast we need to move (when is the first runthrough) and simmer.

I've been doing this for years, and I keep a lot of stuff, especially about the math for AEA and the kids, just in my head.  Every show has new pieces parts - and for this one I pulled a sheet of 18"x24" paper to divide up into days so I could see all of it at once and dove in.  Today as I've been handing the schedule out and people have been saying things like they could never  keep all of it straight, or track the math for all the individuals  I forget that even I couldn't have done this thing ten years ago, but now I can.  And that's lovely.

Other gratefulness
1)  An email with the first sentence "Your memory in this instance is spot on".
2)  So far everyone in this cast seems lovely.  Including the parents.
3)  I went to the comic book store - mmmm new comics.
4)  On the way home I heard both "carry on my wayward son" and "back in black" on the radio
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