Rebecca (beeker121) wrote,

gratitude day 2

I am grateful for my boyfriend J.

I'm a little worried about spending an easy one so early, and really it should be assumed I'm always grateful for him.  But today he tried to lure me back into bed this morning to snuggle, and sent me a sweet text message just because it would make me smile, and listened to me complain about my one thing making all of the appropriate noises of dismay and encouragement, and he's cooking dinner for us right now.  He is generally intelligent, caring, adorably handsome, mushy in ways he prefers I not share, funny, talented, and awesome times infinity.  I'm very lucky to have him in my life.

Other gratitude:
1) Wisconsin won and big.  No losing on a hail mary pass for us this week.
2) Lunch with a friend I don't get to see enough of.
Tags: gratitude

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