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gratitude day 4
Today is a day off which makes this both easier and harder.  So a list:

1)  I was walking to class and cut around some slow-walking people by veering into the grass and it was damp and slippery and slurped at my shoes and every step made a squelch noise.  Brilliant.
2) I scored 100/100 on my second big test for the semester.
3) With the jeans I wore today (which admittedly sit closer to my natural waist than most pants I own) I had to tighten my belt an extra notch.
4) yummy, yummy, sushi
5) I did everything on my to do list today!

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I had to tighten my belt an extra notch today too! *highfives*

Congrats on the test :-)

We win at belt tightening! Hurrah!

Thanks. Is it bad that I know want to calculate how badly I can slack off on the final and still get an A?

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