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stuff / gratitude day 5

- I took a bye this week in therealljidol which I'm a little bummed about.  But I had a generic childhood picking up after the dog story or a few fiction ideas that I just couldn't manage to find the focus and time to pull off.  (My favorite was about boys who used a great dane and the sister's easy bake over to fake coprolite.)
- We have started staging now, and this is when it becomes obvious that perhaps everything didn't get said out loud in the early meetings.  Yeesh.
- Now that I get up early-ish (certainly for theater folk) I find myself annoyed that so many folks don't start answering emails until 10am when I'm in class.  At home my desktop is super fast, at work the laptop is somewhat pokey and trying to get through the 15 emails that came in while I was at class takes a while.

Today I am grateful for singing.  We did a read/sing through of the show today and their are some truly magnificent voices in this cast.  There are a few scenes I'm temped to schedule extra rehearsal on just so I can hear the songs over and over.  It's such a simple thing, and so easy to convince ourselves that we can't sing when what we mean is we can't sing professionally.  So I got into the car on the drive home and sang along to the radio, just because I can. 

1) A run this morning that actually managed to pull my brain out of the show for a while.
2) Proof that my emails aren't just sending pixels into a black hole, even if no one is responding to me.
3) Trader Joe's frozen dinners.  They're yummy, reasonably healthy, and taste like actual food.
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