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evil daylight?
buffy rip lungs out
So they tested the national emergency broadcast system this morning at 11am.  I heard a radio report earlier in the morning about the fact that there had been a lot of PSAs leading up to the test so they didn't end up with a War of the Worlds situation where people thought something was actually wrong.

Am I the only one who immediately thought 11am would be the perfect time for a robbery or attack or something?  The whole country is prepped to ignore 'just a test' after all - so response times would be slower while people caught up to the reality that something had actually happened.  Or maybe I'm just evil.

In other news daylight savings is still messing with me.  I'm going to bed in the same window from midnight to 1am (though I'm usually on the later side of that these days given that I get home from work around 11p).  My alarm is set for either 7a, 8a, or something in between the way it has been all semester.  But I can't sleep until 8a in the new, lighter world, my body keeps thinking it's oversleeping.  I'd really like that 30 minutes or so of sleep a day back, hopefully I'll adjust soon.

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In Kansas, they test tornado sirens every Wednesday at 11am (during tornado season - April-August). Earlier this summer, we had a large tornado that formed at exactly 11:02. The sirens were tested and kept going off for more minutes than usual. I thought that was odd, so I turned on the news and they were showing live footage of this massive funnel cloud that was headed right towards my house. Mother Nature thinks like you do.

Heh, that's both awesome and scary.

It does sound like a good idea for a story.

I hate daylight savings time.

Ooh, that could be a fun thing to noodle into a short story. I'll have to file it away for when I have my life back.

I vaguely get the point of daylight savings time but mostly think it's ridiculous - especially after living in AZ, where they don't observe it, for a year and finding out that everything was fine.

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