Rebecca (beeker121) wrote,

gratitude day 9

Today I am grateful for cheeseburgers, french fries, and milkshakes.  Even better is when the above meal is bought for you.  And the best is when said person (J) tells you the night before that he will be taking you out for a cheeseburger because then when things get nasty and horrible at work you can lean back and think "mmm, cheeseburger" and it helps.

I'm also thankful for stupid jokes that are only really funny because everyone is tired and burnt out.  (There was a whole conversation about rehearsing on acid and whether we'd block faster or slower that way.)  And people wearing cute, pop culture referencing t-shirts that make me smile.

[Something happened today that made me want to throw things and curse at everyone.  I came down from that and realized - if the company places so little value on me, then perhaps I didn't need to give them full value in return.  I have too much self-respect to do the job badly, but I'm sure as hell not doing it for them.  Doing it for me is somehow different, a lot less stressful, and re-prioritizes things slightly.  I'm not sure "fuck right the hell off and get out of my way" is useful as a mantra, but hey - I'm happier than I was yesterday.]
Tags: gratitude
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