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gratitude day 13
Today I am grateful for this: http://24.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_luex5cbeTc1qhed4wo1_500.png found through bodlon's LJ,  I laughed for nearly a minute, and kept it in minimized on my computer all day so I could call it up at will.  The sentiment is mildly unsafe for work, the image is fine, and it does involve Miss Piggy.

1) actors who talk to me like I'm a person
2) zerberts

Also, today was day two of nine work days in a row without a day off (I get Thanksgiving itself) so this is a little harder.  I may be asking for suggestions by this weekend.

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Have you ever blown a raspberry at someone? That but against skin, if that makes sense.

Hey, it's Lucas. I have to disagree here. Zerberts are gross.

Really looking forward to spending some quality time in deer camp with your dad and brother. We'll try to keep Rog in line, but I can't promise anything.

I would like to be going to deer camp, it would certainly be more pleasant than what's in store for me. Have a great time.

I don't know, tummy zerberts can be kind of adorable, from the right person.

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