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gratitude day 14
I am grateful for surprise small gifts, and chances to chat with a long-distance friend.

Also, I have a whole long thoughtful thing brewing about work/life balance {I arrived at the rehearsal hall at 11:30a and left at 12:45p, I have none}, judging the value of my work vs. the compensation I receive {should I be giving 150% when they're paying me for maybe 75%}, and how much of my determination to make this thing work is pure ego/pride and would letting that go make me any happier/healthier.  But it's already 1:15am and I have a meeting tomorrow ack! later this morning at 11a so I should go to bed.

I just want everyone around me to do their jobs to the level I would be doing them, is that too much to ask?

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That is a question I've been wresting with as well, but in an academic context. It's hard to remember that even though my students are paying for my class, they do not all want to be there, and that not all of them will do well.

I suspect you job and my job lean towards being generalists, where we switch between tasks or topics and I suspect that requires a specific skill set that is not always recognized or valued.

Yeah being able to do a lot of things well doesn't seem to be as impressive as being amazing at one thing. Of course, we have to juggle all of the things which is a whole additional skill that people never seem to notice.

I'm glad it's not just me, though it would be nice if we both got more recognition.

It really does suck that other people can't or won't do their jobs to as well as you would. I don't think it's too much to ask that people give 100% while they're "on the clock". And it really sucks that you are undervalued and underappreciated for everything you do. I'm so sorry.

I was going through the shift sheets (the pages handed to the crew to tell them what to do when) last night, and they were a mess, stuff missing, stuff wrong, stuff in an incorrect order. They don't need to be done for several days, but why do it half-assed if you have to fix it, why not just do it right to start? I'm just frustrated, and a few more atta girls would help.

At least this is making me really certain I need to get out of here, instead of just talking about it some more. So I suppose that's useful.

I really don't understand people who can't take the extra time to do it right the first time either. And it is totally frustrating. I totally hear you. :-(

That is useful. Sometimes you need to talk it out to solidify it in your mind. :-)

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