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gratitude day 14

I am grateful for surprise small gifts, and chances to chat with a long-distance friend.

Also, I have a whole long thoughtful thing brewing about work/life balance {I arrived at the rehearsal hall at 11:30a and left at 12:45p, I have none}, judging the value of my work vs. the compensation I receive {should I be giving 150% when they're paying me for maybe 75%}, and how much of my determination to make this thing work is pure ego/pride and would letting that go make me any happier/healthier.  But it's already 1:15am and I have a meeting tomorrow ack! later this morning at 11a so I should go to bed.

I just want everyone around me to do their jobs to the level I would be doing them, is that too much to ask?
Tags: gratitude, pondering

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