Rebecca (beeker121) wrote,

mini-rant or why I should probably get more sleep

So, I received a call from a staff member working on this show at 11:30 this morning.  I was taking the trash out so it went to voice mail.  The message started with "I sent you an email last night and haven't heard back from you..."

To be clear, if you send me an email at 11p you should expect it to take at least 12 hours for me to get back to you, maybe a little bit more unless you've emailed me that you're on fire.  If your issue is that the young cast isn't doing everything perfectly my answer is they are 11-13 year olds who've been doing this for 2.5 weeks, what the hell did you expect.  If your issue is that an adult cast member is passing bad info than have the balls to actually talk directly to that adult cast member, not whine about it to me without using names.  I don't have time to do your job, or be your therapist, or hold your hand.  

After I got off the phone (I called him back immediately to get it over with) I couldn't get a jar of pasta sauce open easily for my lunch.  It nearly brought me to tears.  Oh yeah, I'm stable.

Now it's 12:30, which means I have three hours left to work from home before I go to work.

What the hell am I doing?

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