October 11th, 2002


scary moview

So I went with Chryssa to the PDI screening of The Ring. Is it a good movie? I don't really think so i walked out asking lots of questions about the plot and trying to figure things out. Then again, I also had trouble falling asleep cause the climax kept replaying in my head and it was scary. You won't look at TVs quite the same way for a while. I don't watch that many horror flicks so maybe I'm using the wrong standards and one that makes it hard to fall asleep is doing it's job.

The film copy we saw arrived at the theatre with only 30 minutes to spare so the framing was off in the middle section, which was distracting. If anyone sees it for real, I want to know if the boom mic is still as painfully visible as it was last night, trust me, if it's still there you won't miss it. Sheesh, they're supposed to be real live film makers.
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