April 23rd, 2004



Why is it that every once in a while your subconscious attacks? I had a huge show gone wrong nightmare last night.

Halfway through the first act something broke that needed to be fixed before we could go on. We hold the show, announce to the audience blah, blah. As that gets fixed lighting has started something. And it's going to take them 15 minutes to put it back together no matter what. And then suddenly it is together and they've restarted the show but I'm not in the booth. And the cast jumps a scene. And then I realize that my book is still backstage and I'm trying to call cues blind and we're going to have to pay the orchestra overtime and everyone's leaving cause it's 10pm and we haven't finished the first act yet. And then i wake up.

Sheesh. I guess I'm not looking forward to the weekend.