May 18th, 2004


Bay to Breakers

So I ran the Bay to Breakers on Sunday. This is a race of 7.46 miles across the width of San Francisco. You literally can see the Bay Bridge from the start line, and finish running a block parallel with the ocean. And it being San Francisco it's kinda crazy.

Things I saw:
*4 different Supermen
*2 different Wonder Women - one wearing only body paint
*many 'naked' people - the nakedness was qualified by two things: they were all wearing socks, shoes, and usually hats, and none of them were people you'd want to see naked.
*A group of people dressed as Salmon running down Hayes hill (which we were all running up) yelling "Spawn!"
*One person running barefoot - ouch
*A male playboy bunny, with long blond hair (a wig) and a goatee
*A large group of people with grass skirts, leis, pulling a large float type thing with multiple kegs
*two young women dressed as fairies drinking 40s
*a group of firemen linked together by their hose
*things from Dr Suess - red shorts, blue afro wigs and red body paint every where else

And it was fun. I finished in 1:40:35 which beat my goal of less than 15 minute miles. I pulled a muscle in my hip on Hayes hill and managed to form, break and scab over a blister all in one morning. This is the furthest I've ever run at one time so I'm very proud of myself. Now I need to buy new shoes (to prevent future blisters) and decide what to do next.
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