April 3rd, 2005


spring forward.

So I saw Sin City last night. It was fantastic!! I've seen a few reviews that think it is too slavishly the comic book, but really, it's just so pretty. And noir dialogue always sounds a little strange when spoken out loud. But really it is so well cast (with the possibly exception of Brittany Murphy, who is a little too melodrama for my taste), so visually interesting, and a spectacular story.  I may even need to see it in the theatre again, and it's definitely one to own.  BTW, mousecatfish , Clive Owen does have his shirt off for a brief amount of time. This movie simply made me happy. Oh and if you go, stay through the credits and when The Orphanage comes up, the third visual effect house - they did the yellow bastard sequences - watch to the administrative people and see Chryssa Cooke's name go by. She was a college roomate of mine, and a former PSM at TheatreWorks. It's just cool.

And might I say I hate daylight savings time in the spring?

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