June 10th, 2005


Eye doctor

I went to the eye doctor today.  Everything looks healthy - they can now take these really cool photos of your retinas.  Mine are a little thin at the edges since being myopic affects the shape of your eyes.  My prescription still hasn't changed for either glasses or contacts which is cool.  However, my dr wants me to change contact brands to a new kind which is more air permeable to hopefully make my eyes less red.  They're also two week disposables.  It will be weird to throw contacts out every two weeks, I've had enough trouble remembering to throw them out every three months.  It always feels wasteful even though I know it's better for my eyes.

I also asked about LASIK and still qualify as a candidate.  I thought I might not be from something a previous dr told me - but even at the worst case scenerio (with the blood vessels growing into my corneas) I've got three years.  So who knows?  LASIK seems so cool, but it does scare me.  Maybe next year.

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