June 12th, 2005


No really, I am a grown up

So I am at colony doing prep work for H&M earlier and I glance at my desk from the papers I have in my hand and see a spider crawling across my keyboard.  A big spider.  (Okay not huge, but more body than legs which is a hefty spider.)  I try not to kill spiders, prefering to simply remove them to the outdoors.  He crawled onto a piece of paper which I then picked up and held carefully so as not to dislodge him and walked to the front door to shake him off the page.  Just as he let go and dropped to the ground something occured to me.

I don't have my keys.  And I never bothered to latch down the front door since I'm the only person in the building.  I need to catch the door before it -

-CLICK-.  Yup.  Now, I am locked outside of colony.  Inside colony are my keys to both the building and my car, my laptop, my purse, my cell phone.  In fact all I have with me is my pager.  Huh.  Remember the part where I'm the only one there?  I went and checked all the doors just in case, but it was locked up tight as it should be.  Luckily I had plans to meet up with some people at Burrito Real on the dinner break for Dolly, which is in tech.  And even more luckily - their dinner break was only 10 minutes away.  So I walked over to the restaurant, helped a woman with directions, and then sat and waited.  They appeared at 4:15, and we had a nice dinner (W covered me what with the no money thing), and then gave me a ride to MVCPA where I was able to borrow Cliff's key.  H gave me a ride back to colony so I could get in and finish prep.  And shortly I'll be heading back to MVCPA to give Cliff his key back.

I don't remember why it is you're not supposed to kill spiders, I think it's some kind of bad luck.  However, after today, I think I might just start stomping the buggers.