Rebecca (beeker121) wrote,

gratitude day 20

Day 20 - really?  I'm 2/3 of the way through?  It honestly feels like I'm staring at a 50' high smooth wall that I need to climb, that's how steep the curve is. 

I'm grateful for the folks around me who are actually damn good at their jobs, and taking the time to be damn good at their jobs despite not enough information or guidance.  There's not as many of them as I'd hope or like, but I'm working this hard to keep up with them, and we'll just drag everyone else with us.

I'm also grateful that this show is my only concern.   I know that for some staff here they're already in the planning stages of the show after us, because they have to be.  I realize the tunnel vision I have for this show is in fact somewhat of a luxury.  It doesn't always stop me from being annoyed that folks aren't paying enough attention, but it's good to realize.
Tags: gratitude

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