May 21st, 2007


Bay to Breakers!

So yesterday it was time for the annual craziness that is Bay to Breakers, a 12k (7.4 mile) run across San Francisco.  For the first time ever they were chip timing us (ie. I had a little thing attached to my shoe laces that recorded when I crossed the start line and when I crossed the finish line so they have a record of how long I actually ran).  My personal goal was to beat 1:40.  I've run it three times before and always bounced between 1:40 and 1:45.

My finish time?  1:31:48!  Woot!  My clock time? 1:49:43.

Why almost a 17 minute difference?  Well I was still in line for the port-a-john when the start gun fired and there's only so much point in hustling to start in a race where people are still crossing the starting line when the top runner finishes (35 minutes - at which point I was at the two mile mark staring up at Hayes hill).  Heh.  I actually think starting later may have helped me out, surrounded by mostly walkers there was no way for me to go out too fast.

I had a lot of fun, got mildly sunburned, and am not really sore at all today (my right knee isn't fond of stairs), so I consider this a success.

What did you do on Sunday?