January 30th, 2008

heroes red umbrella

Get out of my head!

I  realized that I often write LJ entries in my head - while I'm out running for example - but never actually write them down.   Which is a little silly, since that would be the whole point.  I now resolve to make an effort to write more of them down, we'll see how that goes.   So here are one or two catch up things about my world.  I also need to make a theatre post.

Firstly, it was my birthday last week.  
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Next up was the fun I had with my car on the most recent Monday.  (Thank God this wasn't my birthday.)  J and I had slept through his alarm - okay ,really he slept through his alarm, I had woken up but had no reason to move and was enjoying the cuddling.  So I was giving him a ride into work.  We got into the car and I turned the key.  The radio came on and various dashboard things lit up, but there was nothing else,  No attempt to turn over, not even a click.  
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I am also aware I owe photos of the finished tattoo - which I haven't had anyone take yet.  So I will get on that soonly.