August 3rd, 2008


Things I know (SF 1/2 marathon edition)

Things I know about today:

-4:15am is too early to ever wake up
-Driving north on 101 I saw this lovely glow and thought the sun was coming up, then I realized it was just San Francisco.
-The 280North to 6th street exit is one of the few overpasses that still terrifies me.
-Event parking with bathrooms is the best idea.  No waiting for porta-poties.
-The wave starts were not as well organized as they could have been.  I ended up starting ten minutes later than I was supposed to.
-I went out faster than I had planned, though the pace felt good.  Then there were hills.
-Running across the golden gate bridge is awesome.    It's also fun when the drivers on the bridge start honking their horns.
-At mile ten I checked my watch and did some math with my pace and realized I should still be able to beat 2:20 (last 1/2 was 2:23:11) which became my new goal.
-Did I mention the hills?  I mean yes, San Francisco so duh, but there were a lot of up and down hills in the last three miles.  It got to the point that every time I started running downhill I got sad, because I was fairly certain that meant I was going to have to run back uphill shortly.
-i finished in 2:19:53.
-I have to be to work at noon, after getting off work at 10pm last night.  Fitting a half marathon into the middle of a five show weekend is more than the average amount of crazy.
-I have a two hour break between shows today.  My brain is already at war over what will be more important at that time: food or sleep.  I think food will win, but we'll see in four hours.

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