September 22nd, 2008


A day off

- Someday I would like to go to the comic book store and spend less than $40.  Of course, that really just means I should go more often because I've managed to pick up a few more titles without cutting anything in the last few months.  <sigh>

- I have no idea what to get my brother or my sister-in-law for their birthdays next week.  (Last year I sent SIL flowers.  So it's lame to do that again isn't it?  Even though it would be spectacularly easy?  Maybe I should send my bro the flowers instead.)

- My interview is Wednesday morning.  I'm rather Zen about it right now, but we'll see how anxious I get as the time draws closer.

- My frustration with Sunday's rehearsal was entirely out of proportion with the issues at hand.  But still, the show ran 2:56 without an intermission.*  Looks like I'm going to have time to knit.

- He said 'I love you too' for the first time in person.  \o/

- I'm still catching up on therealljidol intro posts.  I really want to read them all before I write my week 1 entry (topic - saying goodbye).  I may be putting the book I just started reading on hold for a while, as it looks as though keeping up with all the entries will fill my casual reading time for the near future.

- One of J's best friends just announced that he and his wife are expecting a child in April.  I am thrilled and excited for them, and, as seems usual these days, experienced a little pang of longing.  I'm 98.8% certain that I don't want to have a child **, but as the biological clock ticks down, and this becomes less a matter of choice I still wonder sometimes.

* The play will get shorter, this first run had a lot of misremembered blocking and line calling, as well as general dumbshittery.
** I know I don't want to raise a child - at least not without drastically changing the life I live right now to be the mother I would want to be, and that tradeoff doesn't balance for me.  But I wouldn't mind having a child for someone else.  Yes, that is strange.