September 24th, 2008

jared huh

A question about continuity

I have a question for the Doctor Who / Torchwood fans on my list.

I watched season one of Who (oh, Eccleston) in two days over Christmas of 2006.  I had season two but wanted to gulp it again and kept not having time for that so I put it off. 

I bought season one of Torchwood as a birthday present to myself this year and just finished watching it over the last month or so with J and his roomate Chad.  Chad had seen the occasional early Who episode on PBS growing up and J had no background at all, so I filled in the few blanks I could and we just enjoyed.  (Mind you, I still haven't seen season two of Who.)

Chad enjoyed them so much he went out and bought season two of Torchwood, as well as season one and two of Doctor Who.  And due to the wonders of the TiVo with huge amounts of storage and Sci Fi having a good rerun schedule all of season three is currently sitting there quietly waiting to be watched.

*takes a deep breath*

So the question - what do we watch next? 

I would love to re-watch season one of Who, and am pushing for us to clear all of the Who before going back to Torchwood to try and put things back in order.  But I think the boys are more interested in continuing with Torchwood since that's where they've started.  How much will that screw us understanding what is going on, if at all? 

What do you, gentle reader, recommend?

*posts this realizing that the lack of any appropriate Dr Who / Torchwood icon must be remedied shortly*