December 4th, 2008


LJ Idol week 10 "You're so vain - you probably think this topic is about you"

I am always intrigued when I see posts full of pronouns. I wonder who is being discussed and why it has to be semi-secret. I wonder if the person it is about recognizes themselves. 


It’s not about me.


I am a friendly person, relatively quiet both in real life and here on livejournal. I listen, I get most jokes, I respond if I am moved to do so. But my life is relatively calm, and unexciting. I certainly don’t inspire posts full of pronouns.


Maybe I do. Maybe people have been talking about me for years and I’ve never figured it out. Maybe my self-deprecation has led to my missing important things; rants of folks pissed off at me or declarations of love. But I doubt it. 

It’s not about me.


I don’t get tagged. I didn’t get listed in anyone’s 30 questions meme that went around this summer. Hell, I rarely appear in those computer generated letters to Santa that are starting to pop up.


Of course I am the center of my own world, just like we all are. I have ongoing daydreams about tremendous drama that is all about me, where everyone knows who I am and what I do.   Everyone wants to get close to me, and waits breathlessly for me to speak again. But those are just daydreams. 


So I keep reading about these mystery people whose lives are so dramatic, who are so loved or so hated. But I don’t ever pay too much attention.


Because it’s not about me. It’s never about me.




@@@ This is my entry for LJ Idol Week 10: You're So Vain - You Probably Think This Topic is About You. I will post a link to the poll when it goes live, likely on Friday. Thank you for reading. @@@