December 9th, 2008


LJ Idol week 11: "Sexual Healing"

“Not tonight, dear, I have a headache.”


This line has become cliché; it gets used in books and movies as a quick joke. And it always confuses me. 


You see, I get a lot of headaches. A headache makes everything miserable, everything is more difficult when done through a haze of pain. Over the years I’ve experimented with a lot of headache cures, and I’ve finally found one that is sure-fire for me. I don’t reach for aspirin, other drugs, pressure-point massage, or a caffeinated beverage to make me feel better. Given my druthers, I reach for my boyfriend.


Orgasms are a fabulous headache cure. 


If you think about the physiology it makes perfect sense. Your system is flooded with endorphins; your blood flow is redirected to focus on a different bodily location; and if the sex is done correctly you certainly aren’t paying attention to your head anymore.


Can you imagine if this caught on everywhere? In the drug store next to the usual pain relief drugs there would be a section of shelf for vibrators.  Given that it’s a drug store they likely won’t stock anything too sparkly or unusual. Likely they would be in very tasteful, pastel-type colors, though it would be fun if they ran the same gamut as band-aids. Some flesh toned, some in bright colors, and a few with cartoon characters. There would also need to be a section of shelf reserved for the men, though honestly I’m not quite as up on what would be a quick orgasm assistant for men. Maybe a box with a pocket-sized Playboy and some lotion?


Orgasms turn out to be a cure for other small things that ail you. Have an itch that won’t go away? Hands that won’t warm up? If you can redirect your attention away from your discomfort long enough to join a good friend in some enjoyable “partner calisthenics” you too could feel better in no time. It doesn’t cost anything and requires no special equipment.


So the next time you get a headache, do what I do. Find your honey and say “I have a headache dear. Let’s get it on!”

@@@This is my entry for week 11 of LJ Idol – the topic is ‘sexual healing'.  Per usual, I'll post a link to the poll on Friday once it is up.  Thank you for reading.@@@