January 16th, 2009

freaking beaker out

LJ Idol voting - week 16

So I started LJ Idol without fully realizing what I was getting myself into.  As the weeks have gone by I have enjoyed writing, and reading everyone's entries.  I am amazed and honored to still be playing the game.

clauderainsrm declared January to be the 'Month of Doom' and he's not kidding.  This week there are 64 competitors, and the bottom ten are going home.  If you liked my entry for 'coloring outside the lines' about my tattoo please consider going here and voting for me.   Anyone can vote this time, there are no special rules, and no tribes.  The voting is open until Monday at 7pm EST.

This will be a long weekend of poll watching.  Thanks to everyone who has helped me get this far.