February 10th, 2009

mad cheshire


- The show has closed.  The train made it to the end and everything.  I think my to do list for the two weeks I am off contract is actually longer than what I will need to do to prep the next show.

- I've seen Coraline (in 3D) twice.  The movie is very beautiful and well worth going to if you haven't seen it already.  (Also if you want to see the 3D {psst, and you do want to see the 3D} you need to go in the next two weeks.  Then the Jonas brothers 3D movie comes out and will take over all the 3D theatres.)  It is different from the book, but it gets the tone right.  My favorite line from the book isn't in the movie which makes me sad, but then, it's still in the book so I can go reread it any time I want. 

- I'm going with friends tomorrow to the SF Cartoon Art Museum where they have a Coraline exhibit.  I'm curious to see what is there.

- On Saturday I was running and a man passed me going the other way pushing a stroller.  An empty stroller.  I still haven't figured this out, was he practicing for when there would be a baby?  Did he leave the baby by the side of the path (I looked but didn't see one).  Did the baby get bored and decide to walk home?

- Also on Saturday I bought a new vacuum.  I spent more money that I probably should have to buy a Dyson, which came highly recommended by several friends.  Once I got home I vacuumed my living room, makes sense right?  I wasn't moving furniture or getting under the tables or anything, I just wanted to see how the vacuum worked.  After going over the living room, I had to empty the dust trap thingy.  Then I vacuumed my bedroom, and again had to empty the dust trap.  This tells me that: #1 the new vacuum is in fact awesome, #2 my house has been much dirtier than I realized for a very long time.  This is somewhat unsettling.

- I haven't been writing home topics for LJ Idol, without the deadline I find it hard to set aside the time.  Last week's topic was 'blanket' and while I had several ideas, really all it makes me think of these days is the baby blanket I am currently working on.  The pattern can be found here on Knitty, and this is what mine looks like so far.
I keep thinking I'm almost done because I only have four stripes of color left, but of couse the stripes get wider and the rows get longer so I'm not really all that close.  The baby shower is March 1st, I'm farily certain I can beat that.  I am very happy with the way the colors worked out though, buying yarn on line is always a little tricky when it comes to color. 

- To combine two previous thoughts in this post Coraline and knitting, I need to find a screenshot of the gloves she gets.  I so want to make myself a pair.