April 9th, 2009



Silliness from backstage last night:

(the background - guy makes an instant pudding that requires excessive shaking to get it mixed.)
Guy to massage therapist on crew:  D, I might need you to fix my arm.
Girl 1:  Were you making pudding again?
Girl 2:  Is that what we're calling it now?
Guy:  I'll have you know that I'm damn good at making pudding.
Girl 2:  There are people who aren't?  That's just sad.
Girl 3 (quietly from the corner):  There are simple directions on the box.

Heh - yes we made jokes about pudding for the rest of the night.


The show is open, the reviews are pretty decent and whoo-boy the audiences aren't there.  I'm hoping we manage to pull over a 50% house sometime this week.


The Wii fit thinks I'm 25 today.  That is kind of awesome.


I mentioned to my boyfriend that one of the things I need to do today is swatch my dragon.  He giggled for a few minutes.  Who knew knitting could lead to hilarity.