April 11th, 2009

mirror girl  Rockwell


I do not have a facebook account.  Mostly I've never gotten around to creating one, nor am I sure I need one, and I'm certain I don't need another online time suck.   Various people have poked at me to join in the past year but I haven't yet.

College friends wanted me to join, apparently most of my college theatre department is there and all linked together and sharing old production photos.

Local friends wanted me to join, I frequently only find out about a gathering when someone remembers to text me at the last minute, because everyone else saw the info on facebook.

Family wants me to join, my aunt is a member.

But somehow none of that has been a strong enough motivation. 

However, earlier this week the 13 year old in our cast was going through the green room to check the spelling of everyone's name so he could send them friend invitations on facebook.  He got to me and I told him "I don't have a facebook account." 

He was appalled.  Surprised I could even survive without one.  And then he began doing a subtle salespitch  that was masterful.

I could find ways to ignore or put off everyone else.  But being guilted out by a 13 year old might finally tip the balance on this one.

What do y'all think? 

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Should Beeker join Facebook?

There are people who aren't on Facebook? What is wrong with you?
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Stay strong and stay off Facebook.
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