June 2nd, 2009

freaking beaker out

Are you thinking what I'm thinking?

Something a little odd happened yesterday.  I got a call from the person who heads up the direct sales team at Klutz.  She was wanting to find out my availability for the week of June 15; the warehouse manager is going away on vacation.  Since I just worked in the warehouse for the pre-holidays I can step in without a lot of training and such, and it should be about 20 hours of work for the week.

The timing is perfect: I should have finished the bulk of my move (1st stage), my neck should be healed enough that the movement won't be a problem, and the summer class I'm planning to take starts on the 22nd.

This is my standard relationship with Klutz, something comes up where they can use an extra hand and I step in, especially since having been there on and off for so long means the training time to get me up to speed is usually minimal.

It's odd because Klutz laid me off about three weeks ago. 

So I get to register with a temp agency and will officially be hired through them for the week.  Of course getting the paperwork done with the temp agency now means I'll be more easily available if things like this should come up at Klutz in the future.  And really in the corporate world this is what my relationship with Klutz should have been all along, I just got grandfathered into being a regular employee because of when I was hired.

But I'm amused that right after I am officially done is when they have work for me.  Hell, given the time it takes for paperwork to process I may actually get my severence check and my pay for the part-time week at the same time.