June 15th, 2009



I am going back to work today - kinda.  This is my week at Klutz.  I'll be out in the warehouse shipping, and it shouldn't be more than five hours a day.  It will be interesting today to see all these people I know, who have no idea about the surgeries.  With the tape still on it's obvious that something happened.  I'll be curious to see how many people ask about it.

Speaking of seeing people who don't know about the surgeries, this evening is the TW crew appreciation BBQ.  At the end of every season TW invites everyone who crewed for us during the past year to come and enjoy food and games.  (Rumor has it there will be a bounce house.)  There are silly quizes about last year's shows and a raffle.  It's a lot of fun, a chance for everyone to hang out and be social, and a chance for crew to express interest in shows for next season - making the job of hiring them just a little bit easier.  It's always been a bit odd because it's a fun bbq event that I am essentially required to attend for work, but as long as I don't get stuck in a corner chatting to K it's not so bad.

So i guess today I will step out of the little bubble i have been in and get a lot of practice at answering "what happened?" and will have to decide how much, or how little, to share with folks.  Really once one person on the crew knows the whole story, most of them will.  Klutz is a bit more cliquey but again the story will spread. 

I have no idea what I'm going to say.

monday in review

Today was fun. 

It was weird to be at work again, after spending so much time on my own schedule of whatever.  Luckily things in the warehouse haven't moved around much since the holidays, so I could still find everything.  I saw the HR person in reception and she glanced at my neck and essentially said:  your thyroid?  about two weeks ago?  and then showed me her (incredibly small) scar.  Turns out she had hers removed about 1.5 years ago after feeling a lump - she actually had the same cancer I did.  She had to do the radiated iodine treatment twice however.  It was interesting to talk to someone who has gone through more exactly this in person, and she offered to be a resource if I needed which is awesome. 

The crew party was fun.    I did have at least one person who was a little upset that they hadn't known I was having surgery, I told them I had kept it pretty quiet in general and that most folks at TW didn't know.  Luckily that was soothing.  Various folks helped me work on more exciting answers to "what happened" which included:
bar fight (thanks melodinous )
really nasty paper cut
knitting needle incident
and what, there's something on my neck?
My favorite thing, however, is that Kel asked Jaimie what had happened to me and she answered "Rebecca and J had an argument".  He turned to his partner Ev to ask "Is she kidding?" and Ev just shrugged.  Kel never asked me (which seriously, just ask) and I don't know if he checked with anyone else.  I am highly amused by the idea that he might think my boyfriend and I had a knife fight.

After the silliness I told people that my thyroid was removed, and usually mentioned the two surgeries as the reason why I hadn't had any other life for the last 2+ weeks.    And I am comfortable with that.  But unless people asked the right specific questions I left out the cancer part.  It's just too much to explain to everyone, and that word tends to send people's brains spinning. 

It was nice to be out of the apartment for most of the day, and to spend time being social with people I enjoy.  As Mondays go, this was one of the better ones.