June 16th, 2009

mirror girl  Rockwell


I saw the surgeon for my post-op appointment today.  Everything that was taken out in the second surgery tested benign.  Dr. Naruns didn't take out any lymph nodes on the right side, where the cancer had been, because the area was still too stressed from the surgery the week before, but the radiated iodine should hit anything that might still be there.  He had put me on calcium just as a safety, if anything were to go wrong with the parathyroid it would have presented by now. 

He said the incision looks good, though I should leave the tape on until the weekend.  The scabbing is starting to come loose which is good, though the first piece that came off freaked me out.  He did say that I should avoid sun for the next six months to a year because scar tissue is more reactive in pigmentation.  I had no idea, so I learned my something new for the day. 

So the next steps are all still the same as they were, but I continue to fall in the best case scenario side of things.