June 21st, 2009


Step A = Done! (mostly)

Yesterday was the big move day.  J came over around 11am to help with a few things (like dismantling the tv entertainment center and all the cords that go with that), and I was still finishing up a few piles of random things.

(It's interesting to observe the progression of a move.  The first boxes I packed are all books, or all living room items, and are neatly labeled.  By Friday night most of the boxes just say kitchen and they're kind of a hodge podge but everything in them belongs in that space.  By Saturday morning I created a pile in my living room of things that should be in a box from everywhere in my house, and then packed - no labels, no coherent plan, just get packed.  Of course that's the stuff that went into the storage unit last, so will come out first at the new place, and it's also the stuff I am the least excited to unpack.  <sigh>  Maybe there'll be more goodwill trips after the unpacking too.)

The other two J's (three men, all names begin with J) arrived just after 12:30 with one more pickup truck to start loading.  In 90 minutes everything that was going to go was packed - we filled the two trucks and the trunk of my car.  (It was a little disconcerting to watch the kitchen boxes that took me four hours to pack all fly out the door in 45 minutes.  In a good way.)  By 4p everything was unloaded at the storage unit.  Whee! 

So, that is the bulk of the move.  I still have to go back and clean, take out the recycling, go to goodwill - stuff like that.  The things that are still there will maybe fill the backseat of my car, so we're in great shape.  My roommate is out of town until next Sunday which is handy for this, it lets me leave things slightly disarranged and I don't have to worry about it.  Once he gets back we'll have to finish the last phase of the moveout, getting bills transferred into his name, and settling up the money.

But it now feels like I don't live there anymore so move accomplished!
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note to self

1) You have somewhere in the neighborhood of nine boxes of books in storage, along with that many (short) boxes of comics.
2) J has at least that many books in storage, if not a few more.
3) J also still has part of a bookshelf of unpacked books at the apartment.
4) There are still at least a dozen books in my to read pile that aren't in storage or on J's shelf.
5) Anything you buy that isn't completely consumable is going to have to be moved sometime in the next month.
6) Books are heavy.

You do NOT need to buy any more books right now.  You will not run out of things to read in the next three weeks.

Once the move is completed you are allowed to back to the bookstore. 

(After the surgery I figured I'd do a little extra reading, get ahead on my netflix viewing, and maybe get some knitting done.  Instead I have just been reading lots and lots.  Not that this is a bad thing, but a netflix addiction wouldn't require another box to move.)