October 6th, 2009



- For some reason this tech/preview week I have a lot less coping ability than usual.  My nerves are a lot closer to the surface, my patience reserves are nearly depleted, and my zen is hiding under a rock.  I've been randomly close to tears a few times which makes very little sense.  I'm holding on, but if anyone has spare cope to mindwave to me I'd appreciate it.

- I am sad the Packers lost last night, but I need to point out that Aaron Rodgers played really well despite being sacked eight times.  I think the game was less a battle of quaterbacks and more a battle of offensive lines, and ours is clearly hurting.  Also, the Vikings are damn good.  If they play like that all season I'm not sure anyone can beat them.

- It's opening on Saturday and at the moment I am hugely unexcited about wearing any of the dress-up clothes I own, and I don't want to shop for anything new since I'm a bit heavier than I prefer.  Maybe I'll just stick to jeans for the night. 

- I did walk both yesterday and today.

- J baked maple cinnamon rolls on Saturday night, and made chicken enchiladas on Sunday.  In case anyone has forgotten, he is totally awesome, and the leftovers are making me happy.

- I did a small flist cut yesterday, mostly of folks who haven't posted in ages.  If I cut anyone who was still reading, please let me know.