October 8th, 2009


LJ Idol week 0: introduction

Introductions tend to follow a certain pattern. People trade names, shake hands, and make polite small talk. I tend to ask a lot of questions when I meet someone new, both because I am curious about people in general, and because it’s more fun than talking about me. After all, I know all about myself already. I’d much rather hear about you.


But then, you probably feel the same way. So it’s only fair for me to give you at least some information. I am a 36 year old female living with my boyfriend in the Bay Area of California. I work as a stage manager for a regional theatre company. I believe vodka makes nearly everything better. My hobbies include reading, watching too much TV, knitting, running, and making lists. I think the world would be a better place if we were all just nicer to each other. Well, and if we occasionally broke out into carefully choreographed song and dance numbers in the park. 


And this is my favorite joke.


Q: What’s green and sits in the corner?


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More accurately, it's my favorite clean joke.  I don't know you quite well enough yet to tell my favorite dirty joke.  But I'm sure we'll get there.


@@@This is my entry for week 0 of LJ Idol - the topic is ‘introduction’.@@@