January 31st, 2010


Apparently I'm right handed and left breasted...

...at least for now.  Collapse )

-  My parents got me a lovely, lightweight merino wool sweater for Christmas.  I've worn it once, and washed it once (I would usually let wool go a few wearings before washing, but I didn't want to immortalize my niece's spit up).  And now it has a hole.  It's about the diameter of a pencil, and it's on the front, though luckily off to the side a bit so it's not immediately noticable.  Does anyone have suggestions about how to fix it - mostly I don't want the hole getting any bigger.  I could put a funky patch on it, though that would change the garment to being much less dressy.  I'm just bummed, the sweater was a great weight for here in CA.

-  Voting is up for LJ Idol here.  We're all in one giant tribe again - though our scores will be added to our partners for our final total, with the two lowest scoring pairings going home.  I would appreciate your vote for both myself and my lovely partner shadowwolf13 .  And while you're over there you should read as much as you can.  There are some neat entries this week, especially with the added fun (stress?) of writing with a partner.  I am debating doing a recommendation list, since there are a few that stood out for me. 

-  This weekend has been quiet so far, which I am enjoying.  I have to keep reminding myself that I go back on contract in just over a week, which means there are a few things that need to get done sooner rather than later.  But the calm has been nice.