February 6th, 2010


LJ Idol week 13: apathy

It’s the end of the world.

The Incan calendar is running out of pages. The zombie uprising is inevitable. South Korea now has a button of their very own, and I, for one, plan to welcome our new alien overlords. Here in California there have been a few more earthquakes than usual, and the wildfires have been burning hotter and longer. The weather patterns are getting nastier all over the world and people occasionally get on planes with bombs.

Change is coming. I don’t know what will change or how catastrophic it will be, but something is coming. You can feel it tingle on the back of your neck. What can we do? I can tell you what I am doing. 


I know about the things I’m supposed to have done. I should have an emergency kit for the apartment with food, water, basic medications, and survival gear. There should be another smaller kit in the car, along with a baseball bat or ax (don’t forget the zombies). My boyfriend and I should have selected a meeting place where we could find each other in case our cell phones become unusable. I should have a week’s worth of my prescription medicine with me at all times. 

But all of those things are a lot of work. It’s not like you can do them once and be done either, items in a safety kit should be gone through every six months to check for expiration dates and to rotate newer items in. A kit is only as good as what’s in it after all, and that takes regular maintenance. 

Creating a safety kit has been on my long term to do list for at least two years. I found a website that has a good list of what to include, and other sensible advice. It wouldn’t be too difficult to print out the list and go shopping, just to get it done. Then again, for two years I haven’t needed one. So why deal with the expense and finding the space? 

Who wants to think about what you might need to survive if the world as we know it ends? Bad things can and do happen but I’d rather not dwell on that. I’d rather be happy right now than be horribly worried about what may come. It’s better to live in blissful-- well if not ignorance, then avoidance.

***This is my entry for lucky week 13 of LJ Idol, the topic was apathy.  We have partners again this week so you should go and read [info]notbatman 's entry on current events that he can get into.  Voting will open up on Monday, I'll post a link then.***