February 11th, 2010



- I start rehearsals for a new show on Tuesday.  We've been fully cast for almost 24 hours, nothing like being prepared.  But we do crash a car through a wall about 15 minutes into the show.  I've now seen the current car through wall set-up, I think it's going to be very cool.

- I have an interesting thought about theoretical information that I will write up next week (it's oddly time sensitive in that it shouldn't be talked about yet).

- We're partnering up in LJ Idol again this week.  I do have a partner now, but it all starts to feel like being back at a middle school dance after a while.  Figuring out who you want to dance with versus who is still available to dance.  And between that and a few (very sweet) love memes going around the community that I'm not often named in I'm feeling a little invisible.  Which interestingly isn't a bad thing.  It makes me wonder what people associate with me, or if they just don't think of me until I'm in front of them.  A few years ago perceiving this to be true would have sent me into a huge tizzy of self-loathing, but now I'm poking at it all intrigued and really, really want to dissect it.  But of course if I ask the question then people are thinking of me which completely defeats the whole idea.

- I am very grateful that J is so patient with my various on and offline silliness.  Finding a new partner is not the end of the world but it certainly starts to feel that way and he put up with my chatting about it and checking my email frequently last night.

- I have Polidori chocolate truffles to eat (the seven deadly sins collection).  Officially I should share them with J, but there is a distinct possibility I'm going to eat all of them myself.  Yum!  I'm not usually a chocolate person (I'd prefer potato chips) but these are amazing.

- J and I have plans on Saturday (Cirque du Soleil tickets and probably dinner) that weren't really put into place with Valentine's day in mind, but I have a feeling we will cross paths with a lot of people who are determined to be romantic that night.  Should be interesting.