February 16th, 2010



- Today is the first day of rehearsal for the new show.  It's kind of amazing how much this always feels like the first day of school - meeting new people, wanting to make a good impression, remembering to bring your lunch and pencils and things.  You'd think after nearly ten years this would just be work, but there are always a few butterflies on the first day, as well as a lot of running around.

- I'm still on track with my February goals.  No fast food is getting a bit harder, now that I'm in rehearsal and busier it seems more attractive.  More the speed than the food though.

- I'm planning to go for a run tomorrow, for the first time in months.  It will be good to go faster again, though I'm nervous about how much I may have lost.

- I went roller skating yesterday for a friend's birthday.  It was so much fun!  I did lose skin on the insides of both of my ankle bones - I'm not sure if it's the rental skates or my feet.  But the muscle memory from grade school was amazing, after a turn or two around I was feeling steady again.  I've also discovered that as I've gotten older going in circles in one direction for hours is a lot harder on my hips and knees than it used to be - guh.  But I really enjoyed it.  My inline skates are a bit too small so I don't use them very often, and I'm thinking I should get new skates and get out there more.  But I might want to be quad skates next time.