February 21st, 2010

jensen hee


- Our corkscrew is missing.  We realized this last night as dinner was ready and we were planning to open a new bottle of wine and couldn't find it anywhere.  Both J and I hunted in all the obvious places, and several unobvious ones.  I'll be curious to see where it turns up, because the other option is that we live in an apartment that eats corkscrews and that is unacceptable.

- As we were getting ready for bed last night I referred to J as "Mr. Pouty McPoutyson".  His response?  "From Poutsutawney?" 
There was also a conversation about trying to turn off the light in the bedroom by using the force, at which point we started humming different themes from Star Wars to help the force flow stronger.  Then we wondered, if the goal was to turn out the light wouldn't you have to use the dark side of the force?  It is awesome to have someone to be silly with at the end of a long day.