February 26th, 2010



- I got to go to the gun store today!  Due to the laws and a variety of reasons I'm the person holding the entertainment firearms permit for this show, so I had to be there to sign paperwork and put my thumbprint on the paperwork.  I was also fingerprinted and background checked for the permit in the first place.  It's all been kind of intriguing and fun.  And I want to talk to my dad about how much paperwork he fills out when he buys a gun, I'm curious what the difference between states is.

- Rehearsal is rehearsal.  Meh.

- The vote is up for LJ Idol here.  We're down to the top 75 which is exciting.  If you have a chance to head over and do some reading there's some fun stuff.

- I'm doing okay with the February goals.  Interestingly I missed stretching twice last week because I simply didn't think of it.  Adding anything else to my morning seems to be more difficult than everything else.  Overall I think it has been good, and a few of the habits are going to stick. 

- I've really been enjoying the Olympics this year.  Speed skating is my new favorite thing.

- I really wish I had a weekend coming.  But no such luck.