March 6th, 2010

buffy rip lungs out

seriously? no really, seriously?

One of the actors decided to play with his props (which everyone is specifically instructed not to do) and took the handcuffs off his belt and put them on (he's playing a sheriff).  Turns out they're real handcuffs, and no one has the key because no one was supposed to ever put them on.    So it's dinner break, and his hands are handcuffed together in front of him.  We don't know if anyone has a key, or if we can find a locksmith who can them off him before Monday.  Currently our technical director is sawing through the chain.

I feel like I should have a particularly witty or biting comment to make here but this just makes me tired.  WTF?

ETA:  Now that I've had dinner (and a beer, shhhh!) I can better see the funny in this.  And in about a week it will probably be one of my favorite theatre stories.  Also, I now have handcuff keys.