April 9th, 2010


April goals update

So far, so good.

fruit & veg daily:  yes
no fast food: not since I put it in writing (honestly part of the reason for reupping this goal was I had fast food two days in a row to start the month)
prep for race:  I ran 3 miles, which is the furthest I've gone in about ten months, and I've got a training plan figured out.
move for 1000 minutes:  currently at 320
yoga four times: I went to a class on Monday and I'm still a little sore.  But I liked the class and the teacher and there are three more Mondays in the month so I'm on track.
15 netflix movies:  six
finish a knitting project:  I have one sock done except for the toe seam, and the other one started.
write 30,000 words: as of right now I'm at 4,506.

Next week will be interesting because I'm back at Klutz not quite full time.  Some of these goals were put into motion specifically because I was between shows and had the time to do them.  So next week I'm likely to fall behind, and then have to catch up in the last two weeks.

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