May 1st, 2010



Note to self:  do not dust keyboard while trying to find the right words, if you hit the wrong button the post you were working on will go away.  *headdesk*

So far today I ran three miles, cleaned the spare room and one of the bathrooms, went to the comic book store for free comic book day, and walked to Heidi's Pies.  Turns out it's about a two mile walk (each way) to Heidi's, that plus all the cleaning means it's almost okay that I ate my entire country breakfast platter (biscuits w/ gravy, eggs, hashbrowns, bacon, ham, and sausage).  Oh so good.  The one thing I've never had at Heidi's is pie - because I'm always too full to order dessert.

On the way back from Heidi's I could hear someone slowly gaining on me as I was walking.  So I pulled further to the side so they could pass me.  It was a man, he was largish and rather unkempt, and he said hello so I answered him.  He fell into pace with me for the length of a building and kept turning his head to look under my hat brim.  Then he told me I was gorgeous, and the fact that I answered his hello made his day.  He kept talking to me for another half a block and then turned into a driveway with a good bye which I answered.  It's strange the opposing reactions this caused.  An unasked for compliment is always awesome, but a large guy you don't know suddenly walking with you when you're a mile from home is a little freaky.  I'm not sure if I'm more frustrated at my immediate defensiveness, or at how glowy the compliment made me.  Sometimes being a woman is weird.

Alright, I have one bathroom and laundry to finish and then I'll have cleaned the apartment.  I've been doing a few rooms every day but of course I still live here so the kitchen, where I started, isn't looking quite as sparkly.  I thought about giving it a quick once over again tomorrow, and then decided that was crazy.  J gets in late tomorrow so I doubt he'll notice much on his way to collapse anyway.