June 8th, 2010



Several months ago J and I did a short vodka taste test - those results can be found here.  On Sunday J went to Bev Mo and decided to check out the mini bottles they had in supply and so another vodka taste test ensued.  Around the middle many of the vodkas tasted similar but here is how we ended up ranking things:

1. Belvedere
2. Grey Goose
3. Ketel One / Finlandia
4. Sobieski / Skyy / Absolute / Kirkland
5. Svedka

We left the plastic bottle vodka out of the mix this time.  Really we're likely to just keep the Kirkland (Costco brand) vodka around for most things - and it's practically the same thing as Absolute or Skyy.  But when it comes to vodka martinis the Grey Goose and Belvedere are incredibly yummy, just too expensive to keep around all the time.

There are still a few other vodkas mentioned in the last post that we haven't tried, so in a few more months we may have to do this again.  That's me, drinking vodka so you don't have to.